Health Grade 08

What is Health?

Health is the complete state of physical,mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 





Why is Studying Health important?

Health is not merely a subject, studying Health teaches us the way how we should lead our everyday life, what are the Healthy practices we should bring into our life and what we should avoid.  How we should cope up with the challenges we face. How to build up a good social and spiritual well-being along with physical and mental well-being essential to lead a healthy life. 

By studying Health we can learn about the correct postures we should practise when engaging in regular activities without causing harm to our body and also about healthy meal intake to lead a healthy life. 

Also we can get a good knowledge and understanding about the sports activities; how they are played & the rules and regulations and the ethics observed in Sports. 


No more boring and lengthy Health Lessons!!!


Join & Feel the difference!!!


Why choose Team Comrade?


  • We work with much dedication towards the students. 


  • Provide Unit wise Tutes and Questions. 


  • Understand the mindset of students and make learning interesting. 


  • Bring out the skills and capabilities of the students. 


  • Individual Attention. 


~~EVERY WEDNESDAY: 3.30PM – 5.00PM~~

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

Health Grade 08

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