Miss. Fathima Madeena

Qualification –

Foundation in Health and Diseases , Life Sciences, Food Science and Technology.
Certificate in CPR & First aid , Psychology & Counselling and Teacher Training.

Grades –

– Grade 6 : Every Thursday from 4 to 5 PM
– Grade 7 : Every Thursday from 5 to 6 PM
– Grade 8 : Every Wednesday from 4 to 5 PM
– Grade 9 : Every Monday from 4 to 5.30 PM

Why should you choose us?

“Students must be Healthy to be Educated and Educated to be Healthy”
With individual attention towards your child we would help them to learn Health not only as a subject but as a part of their life lesson.
Within a student friendly learning environment using learning aids and smart tactics
students will be able to learn Health as an interesting subject effectively.

How would you benefit from this?
> Clear Explanations
> Recorded Lessons
> Lesson based tutorials
> Weekly Quizzes
> Monthly Mocks
>Guiding to make simple and easy to understand mind maps and short notes.