Welcome to Team Comrade!

Team comrade is an education initiative started in order to teach students G.C.E O/L Examination subjects.

It was founded by Ahmadh Anzer & Rihan Zaky. Starting Our journey from September 2019, we have serviced 1000+ students. Along with Teaching, motivational sessions and other interactive projects held for Students in order to inspire them and bring them towards achievement and reach their maximum.

We focus on quality more than quantity, hence receiving A great student review for all our class held. The institution alone stands as a training ground, providing support to students and other colleagues.

Team comrade proudly nestles thousands of students and more in years to come.

Projects We Do

Lesson Based Tutorials.

Practical Videos – Live Session.

Daily IQ Test.

Evaluation Test.

Home Assignments.

Recap Seminar Series.

Comrade Knowledge Status.

Google Quiz.

Comrade Courageous.

General Seminars.

MCQ Masters.

Rank Exams.

Weekly Challenge.

Time Management Programs.


Why Choose Us?

Special attention to all students.

Each student’s questions will be accessed individually.

Learn subjects logically and theoretically.

In-depth explanation and understanding will be provided.

Short notes, easy-to-remember methods, drawing logical illustrations, mind maps and etc are specifically provided.

Customized study programmes held for each student’s preference.


Ahmadh Anzer

Mr. Ahmadh Anzer, co-founder of Team Comrade is also an active lecturer among the lecture panel of Team Comrade having more than 10 years of teaching experience. He is a well-organized, innovative lecturer guiding his students with an in-depth course curriculum of Science and Maths.

Originating from a medical background, a young medical undergraduate from the University of Colombo. Mr. Anzer possesses outstanding teaching and communication skills that allow him to deliver professional lectures regarding the subject matter. Understanding the psychology of students, he brings out their hidden capacities and skillful talents in education. This helps the students manage their time effectively and improve their presentation skills and photographic memory. Hence, bringing out the best potential of each student.

Being the main pillar of Team Comrade, He has thus far initiated several engaging programs, workshops, seminars, and many other opportunities for his students. Inspiring them to participate and bring out their best talents with his passion.

Rihan Zaky

Mr. Rihan Zaky is an exceptional motivator of Team Comrade. Delivering passionate and inspiring speeches to our students. Mr. Rihan is also the other co-founder of Team Comrade.

Hailing from a law background, Mr. Rihan Zaky is currently in his final university year of law school LLB UG OUSL.

He has prior experience in delivering passionate speeches in front of large audiences. Possessing excellent verbal communication skills and charismatic nature, he motivates and encourages the students to go towards their goals with utmost confidence.

Inspiring the students with true-life inspirational stories personal experiences, he drives their inner optimistic selves towards success.

Fathima Hana

Ms. Fathima Hana, is a young entrepreneur holding AAT level II and Certificate in Applied Psychology. She is a very friendly lecturer who pays individual attention to each of her students. Her method of coaching students to “learn through practice” helps them to acquire knowledge and skills by personal experience, experimentation and practical activities by managing their time. Ms. Fathima has remarkable teaching and presentation skills with a great passion.

Hasna Ajmal

Miss. Hasna Ajmal is currently teaching ICT in Team Comrade. Being qualified in Applied Psychology and Information Technology, Hasna has been with Team Comrade since 2019. Teaching ICT theoretically as well as practically, making it interesting to learn.

With individual attention and specialized activities like weekly quizzes and monthly mocks, she helps her students learn ICT from not just what is on the books but also keeping in touch with everything that is happening in the world of ICT.

Marium Hussaina

Miss Marium is a diplomat in Computer Science, Qualified in MS5 (British Council), and a long-running History Lecturer at Team Comrade. She develops quality lesson plans and curricula to deliver engaging History lessons of different time periods. Her remarkable responsibilities include grading exams, quizzes, assignments, and presentations, providing extra support to struggling students and additional resources to those who display exceptional interest in History.

Saliha Ismail

Miss Saliha Ismail is an Islam lecturer at Team Comrade. Qualified as a diplomat in Psychology, Saliha is one of our passionate teachers whose main aim is to teach Islam in the best and most accurate way possible. She is approachable, caring, and able to convey her passion to students. Executes lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching depending on the content while ensuring a lively classroom atmosphere.


Minra Fahmy

Miss Minra Fahmy is in the Team Comrade admin panel for two years. She was a hardworking student and is now a dedicated admin of Team Comrade. Currently following her Advance Level in Commerce stream and a course in psychology and counseling while pursuing her ambition to become an HR personnel. One of her greatest achievements includes the “International Understanding Directress” of the Telford international school Galle interreact club of the year 2019.

M Yousuf Riyaz

Yousuf Riyaz is an aspiring SAAS developer who is pursuing his higher education in software engineering field. He is one of our smart supportive technical assistant who had been working with us from the beginning of Team Comrade’s online journey. His excellent skills in IT and brilliance in problem solving have been a great pillar to us.

Sahna Sinan

Miss. Sahna is a qualified diplomat in Psychology. An enthusiastic educator who teaches with a great passion and understands the unique needs of individual students to enhance learning and promote confidence for their all-around educational success. She has been with Team Comrade for the last 4 years. Designed integrated lesson plans, quizzes or tests, and more creative activities to track student progress. She strives to provide all of her students with the great learning experience possible so they have the best opportunities in the future.

Ikra Irfan

Miss Ikra Irfan is currently working as an administrative assistant in Team Comrade. Well-talented admin personnel and one of the best-supporting pillars for Team Comrade. Constantly looking for new ways to improve herself and contribute more to the company, she is dependable, takes duties seriously, and is open-minded when presented with new ideas. Her remarkable journey with Team Comrade is something to be noted of.