Ahmadh Anzer

Mr. Ahmadh Anzer, co-founder of Team Comrade is also an active lecturer among the lecture panel of Team Comrade having more than 10 years of teaching experience. He is a well-organized, innovative lecturer guiding his students with an in-depth course curriculum of Science and Maths.

Originating from a medical background, a young medical undergraduate from the University of Colombo. Mr. Anzer possesses outstanding teaching and communication skills that allow him to deliver professional lectures regarding the subject matter. Understanding the psychology of students, he brings out their hidden capacities and skillful talents in education. This helps the students manage their time effectively and improve their presentation skills and photographic memory. Hence, bringing out the best potential of each student.

Being the main pillar of Team Comrade, He has thus far initiated several engaging programs, workshops, seminars, and many other opportunities for his students. Inspiring them to participate and bring out their best talents with his passion.